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The best gastronomy
Peniscola Gastronomy
The Mediterranean cuisine is known as one of the healthiest and well-balanced which exist. In Peñiscola we have the good fortune to be able to enjoy the best products from the sea as well as from the countryside. Its marine and agricultural tradition has provided the specialization in cuisine where especially the Valencia paella stands out.
Culture and traditions
Peniscola Culture and traditions
Peñiscola harmoniously combines its more popular traditions, of which the acts to honour its Virgin stand out, with a multitude of acts and festivals which can be enjoyed all year round. The Templar Castle together with the Congress Hall host within their exceptional scenery the majority of these cultural appointments.
Peniscola History
Due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean arch, this town has been a very important enclave since remote times. So much so that even during the Western Schism (XIV - XV century) Pope Luna converted it into one of the only 3 Papal Cities to have existed in the world. A Castle out in the sea is a magnificent cinema scenery. A multitude of Spanish and international films have been made in Peñiscola dating back to the 50s, among which to be mentioned is El Cid, starring Charlton Heston and directed by Anthony Mann.
Enjoy the Mediterranean
The scent of Peñiscola is that of the sea. To visit Peñiscola is to enjoy the best climate, relax on its beaches of fine sand, enter the unexplored Natural Park of the Sierra de Irta, enjoy the sea, its history, culture and its people. Coming to Peñiscola is to assure yourself that your holiday will be unforgettable.