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About Peñíscola

About Peñíscola

They say that when a painter has found the essence of beauty in his painting, the pupils of his eyes dilate until they inundate the iris. Whilst this idea is romantic in nature, a similar sensation is found when your eyes finally hits upon the spendour of a castle emerging out of the sea.

This text is designed to bring you closer to Peñiscola. The town, situated towrds the north of the Comunidad Valenciana, is close enough to come without even thinking about it, and once here, far away enough to believe that nothing else matters.

History has proudly told us that this imposing castle in its youth laid stage to the forces of nature, sieges and the holy seat of a Pope. The castle initially served as a bastion of protection for all living within its walls.

. Today, it looks upon the expansive meditteranean sea, surrounded by fine sand and a constant breeze, its new purpose being to unveil the secrets within. The narrow winding streets encourage you to lose yourslf until you stumble across its immense walls and astounding coastline. Here, you will be able to see the unexplored Sierra de Irta, the breathtaking beaches, and the coastline dotted with small hidden coves. The castle serves as a welcome host, encouraging you to return year after year after year. PEÑISCOLA IS WAITING FOR YOU