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Castillo Templario-Pontificio

Castillo Templario-Pontificio

Pontifical Templar Castle-fortress of Peniscola is occupying the máselevada the rock on which rests the old town of Peniscola. Located north of Valencia, in the sea, all of it is Peñíscola completely walled fortress, joined to the mainland by a narrow strip of sand that had once disappeared when this storm and is now busy the new town that is first class resort.

This imposing fortress began construction in 1294 and was completed twelve years later in 1307. Those who had resources and power in those days to undertake and complete as fast a work of this magnitude were none other than the enigmatic Knights Templar. They built the castle in the image and likeness of those who had once built in the Holy Land. The monument still has today all the particulars of a work Templar being one of the most clear examples of those characteristics. Sober and robust construction, which has reached us in perfect conservació n, although it lacks a quarter that was destroyed in 1814 during the War of Independence. Sentenced to a harsh and unforgiving place by the troops of General Elio trying to regain the city occupied by the French. They had to submit to a furious bombing that devastated much of the village surrounding the castle and part of the fortress, leaving the marks of bullets in all the walls. Templar Castle-Pontifical Peniscola shares with the Vatican and the Palais des Papes in Avignon the privilege of hosting Pontificia, one of the three that have been throughout history. Many authors describe it as unique monument, and that's only because anyone can see, in Spain, numerous castles, some Templars, like this. Located on a rock in the sea near some. But they have qualified at one point in the history of Europe as was the Western Schism, from the privileged position given to it by being one of the three venues that papal along the dramatic process occurred in the Christian world, Peniscola only, throughout Spain, and especially his castle, golden cage where Benedict became a recluse, only this. This was the most important time of more than 700 years that has the strength. Undoubtedly, the years when he served as a refuge to Papa Luna. To understand the personality of such a distinguished figure in the history of central Europe have to pass through its rooms austere, sober and austere courtyards towers, the whole surrounded by the ubiquitous Mediterranean, was Pope Benedict: Pope the Sea "Today the Pontifical Templar Castle of Peniscola is a tourist attraction and cultural, more than 330,000 visitors a year. In it, become a renowned cultural center that hosts numerous arts shows, the Comedy Film Festival of Peniscola, Congresses, Conferences, etc ... . Prominent among the many activities: The Festival of Early Music and Baroque that takes place during the first half of August. The cycle of concerts of classical music that covers part of September and the Classical Theater Festival which develops its meetings throughout the months of July and August. Ultimately, this building since June 4, 1931 is National Historic-Artistic Monument, contains within its walls over 700 years of existence, becoming, for the visitor at a door by which access to the experience of history and a perfect place for the enjoyment of leisure and culture.

Visiting Times

Winter (From 16 October to Palm Sunday):

10:30 h. to 17:30 pm

Summer (From Palm Sunday to 15 October):

09:30 h. to 21:30 pm

Closed days only

1 and 6 January, September 9, 9 October and 25 December

Ticket prices

Adult ......................... ....................................... € 2.50

Over 60 years ............................... .............. € 1.50

Groups of 30 adults or more, each one .... € 1.50

Entities teachers, per person ........................... € 1.50

Handicapped .................................. ...................... Exempt

Children under 10 accompanied ............ Exempt

Assuming some exposure there, the price of entry to it is independent of these rates.


Address: Peniscola Castle, Castle Street

12,598 Peñíscola. Castellón.

Phone: (+34) 964 48 00 21

Fax: (+34) 964 48 16 36

Director: Jordi Pau Caspe

Peníscola Tourist Info Tel: 964 48 02 08

site: Peniscola Castle

e-mail: castillo @ dipcas.es

Free guides service: Easter and June to September