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The festivity and its parts

The festivity and its parts

Generation after generation comes with the ringing of the bells on the first of September. It is the calling to the ‘fiesta’. Starting on the 1st of September, every night there is the Novena to the Virgin (reciting the Rosary at the hermitage) so that the Peñiscola people already feel the approaching of the ‘fiestas’ on the 8th and 9th of September of every year . During these ‘fiestas’, there folkloric representations of dancers, Llauradores (fold group dancers), gypsies, Cavallets, Pilgrims, Moors and Christians who are all of great cultural wealth and value.

Each one of the groups participate in the procession in the afternoon accompanying the image during its way through the whole of the old burg, forming two lines in front of it and dancing during the entire time; the Moors and Christians escort the image on the sailors’ shoulders. After the procession in what is called the "Plaza de Armas", across from the Patron’s hermitage and at the foot of the magnificent Templar-Papal-monastery castle, the different groups perform thus keeping this outstanding popular element alive.