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Fiestas Programme

Fiestas Programme
  • Peñíscola Fiestas
  • Peñíscola Fiestas
  • Peñíscola Fiestas

During the days of the Fiestas the principal objective of the locals from Peñiscola is the cultural attraction of the Fiestas in which many cultural events are organised. The different associations organise themselves over the period of the fiestas and this can be seen in the fiesta program, but to give an introuction, what can normally be seen is:

- On the first day , at precisely 9pm, in the parque de artillería the queen of the fiestas and her court are proclaimed. The girls which form this come from various cultural associations in Peñiscola, and who, during the entire year represent Peñiscola in cultural acts, both locally as in other villages around the region.

It is during these events when a local famous person, with a direct connection to Peñiscola intervenes

- The day of the tourist , in which all fiesta events have something in mind for the tourist who arrives. The miss tourism contest happens during hte day, and food and wine are given out. There is also a prize-giving ceremony for the best decorated balconies in the old town.

- The day of the woman , the principal objective during this day is to organise events in which the protagonists are women with exhibitions detailling the different activities women used to carry out in the past.

- The day of the sea , seamen from the fishermen´s community organise events in which importance is given to fishing and explaining life on the sea. Fishing contests are organised as well as aquatic games. At the end of the day, sardines or other locally caught produce will be given out.

- Children´s day , all the children can have fun with the different events programmed for them, including attractions and competitions to make them the true protagnists of the day. From the morning to the evening every type of game is organised (sand games, water based activities...)

- The day of the youth , During this day many activities are organised for our youth, and for this reason, it will be certainly be a day of fun and games for all.

- The day of the elderly , this day is to make the elderly of Peñiscola feel like they were still in their youth, with shows of all kind organised. A Moors and Christians dance will be organised after which a lunch will be offered.

- Moors and Christians procession following the pure meditteranean and valencian style, and coinciding with the last days of the peñiscola fiestas. The objective is to focus upon that September in 1233, when James the First arrived at Peñiscola and the Moors handed over the fortress to him without a fight. People from all over the region and tourist from abroad come especially to see this. In these processions we can see camels, horses, dromedaries which really help to recreate the time they represent.


Another defining characteristic of these fiestas, a tradition maintained since these fiestas started is the bulls running along the beach. This occurs every afternoon, with ensuing parties every evening. These events attract people from all over the region.

We will also mention that during the fiestas a region al televisión channel will be broadcasting every event as it happens as well as interviewing those who intervene, organisers or other citizens who have made that little difference to Peñiscola over the year.

To close the annual patron saint fiestas of Peñiscola, every year there is a firework display from the castle, illuminating the sea, the sky, the old town and the fortress walls. For this reason, they are the most famous fireworks of the province.