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Hostels in Peñíscola

Hostal El Peñón

C/ Santos Mártires, 3 (Casco Antiguo)
12598 Peñíscola (Castellón)

(+34) 964 48 02 98

Hostel El Peñón

This recently inaugurated hostel is in the very heart of the town. It overlooks the walls of the fortress with spectacular panoramic views. There are six rooms, each one decorated in a different style: the Muslim King Lobo, “Campesino” (rural), “Marinero” (marine), Templar, Pope Luna and Cinema. Situated in a quiet area, it gives you the possibility all year through to enjoy a unique experience surrounded by history. Familiar atmosphere.

The Hostel-Residence El Peñón opens its doors to offer the visitor wishing to stay in Peñiscola the possibility to enjoy a magic and enchanting stay in the walled town. The family “El Peñón”, native of Peñiscola, with much love, copied and followed the architectural directives to recover the ancient houses of the ancient town centre, and built the “Hostal El Peñón” on the foundations of two old houses.

A careful decoration with photographs from the beginning of the century, tackle from the world of the sea, farm tools, crests and Templar coats of arms, a wooden artisan carving of Pope Luna’s coat of arms, anthological scenes from the film “El Cid”… a combination of details which turn the Hostal El Peñón into a museum.

The owners themselves welcome you, and look after you during your stay, the family business was founded in 1982 putting all their efforts into making your stay at this pioneer theme hostel unique. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, television, en-suite bathrooms, a comfortable and anatomic electric bed, window and wall sound-proofing, night-time reading area.

The six rooms of the hostel have a balcony from which Peñiscola’s best view from the walled town can be enjoyed. It is without a doubt one of the best presentation cards of this enchanting hostel: lying in bed you feel you are lying on the beach or navigating on the sea and enjoying the Mediterranean light.

The King Lobo room, decorated and set in the Muslim world, the “Campesino” room where the pastoral rural world and its people is recreated, the “Marinero” room where a Latin sail mast dominates the headboard surrounded by shells and stuffed fish among other surprises.

Templar room, warlike and religious; the Pope Luna room which is an elegant room and the star of the Hostel: the Cine room which collects Peñiscola’s filmography and has an ample terrace where you can enjoy the sun, light and the best Mediterranean scenery.