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Cerámicas Yván

C/ Atarazanas, 10 12598 Peñíscola (Castellón)

Cerámicas Yván

An original design; an artisan’s skilful hands; a process that has been caringly followed; and a fire that purifies everything. These are the precious elements that give life to the ‘Blue Ceramics of Yván the Ceramicist’: small works of art with all of the grace and harmony of a perfect creation. Yván’s ceramics (the blue shop) can be found in the old town of Peñiscola. The place to find small works in porcelain made one by one, that way achieving the exclusiveness of the unique piece. Pieces made in Peñiscola by Juan Gost de Torres and signed under the pseudonym ‘Yvan’. Next to the entrance to the old town, you will find true works of art: reproductions of Valencian ceramics of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, original canvases depicting scenery from around Peñiscola, wood engravings, artistic fans of Godella (Valencia), and amber jewellery…the perfect place to buy an original gift. Open all year.